Diploid watermelon harvests and evaluation 2020, Polyploidy watermelon Group, Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute

2020-06-19 10:54:44

Diploid watermelon harvests and evaluation 2020, Polyploidy watermelon Group, Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute Via: Jawad Umer A nd Muhammad Anees The Diploid watermelon harvests and evaluation occurred on14 Jun 2020,A total of 114 diploid watermelon lines were evaluated.Following parameters were taken into account while evaluating watermelonyield, fruit size, production ear..

Russia 2018 watermelon season in full swing

2018-10-29 14:59:08

In 2017, Russia exported more than 34,000 tons of fresh watermelons, worth $4.18 million. The main importers, which accounted for 97% of all Russias watermelon export in terms of value, were Belarus (32%), Lithuania (29%), Ukraine (21%) and Latvia (14%). The largest importers of Russian watermelons in terms of volume were Ukraine (38%), Belarus (26%), Lithuania (22%) and Latvia (11%). The m..

254-pound watermelon breaks State Fair of Virginia record

2018-10-29 14:57:02

By Adele UphausCConner The (Fredericksburg) Free Lance-Star  Oct 4, 2018 It pains Hank Houston to cut open his prized giant watermelons. Theyre his babies. I didnt even want to cut last years one open, I aint gonna kid you, the watermelon grower from Spotsylvania County said. I was kidding people that I didnt want to cut my baby. I dont even like cutting them off the vi..

Erickson: One last hurrah for watermelon

2018-09-03 15:54:31

Donna Erickson Make sure the watermelon your purchase has passed the ripeness test. As summer wanes, Im all for bringing on one last hurrah for watermelon. Its such a convenient, good for you cool-down snack that quenches thirst and satisfies the sweet tooth, all in one. Refreshing with a squeeze of lime, or kicked up with a dusting of ground chili pepper and salt, its versatile and fu..

7th annual Franklin Watermelon Festival

2018-09-03 15:52:50

Shelley Mays, Nashville Tennessean The 7th annual Franklin Watermelon Festival celebrated the fruit of summer with activities like watermelon carvings by the Leipers Fork Carving Club, free slices of watermelon from Delvin Farms, cooking demonstrations with watermelon and the popular watermelon eating contests for children and adults. The highlight of the festival was the watermelon eati..

ABCs of growing watermelons

2018-07-29 19:39:02

Emmanuel Othieno weeding his watermelon garden. photo by Lominda Afedraru To yield five to six watermelons per plant, it is critical that pollination is successful. The farmer must also choose a variety that is resistant to wilt, for example, Charleston Gray and Sukari F1, writes Lominda Afedraru. Growing watermelon has become a lucrative business in the country for farmers engaged in the sa..