Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was founded

Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was founded in 1960, which is national professional research organization of north deciduous fruit and cucurbit. In the study of watermelon and melon, it is the leading standard nationwide. Our institute undertake Modern Agro-industry Technology Research System, National 863 plans projects, National Science and Technology R&D Program, Major scientific and technological project and Natural Science Foundation of Henan province. A medium-term national watermelon and melon germplasm repository have been established. Our institute is head of National Collaborative Group of Watermelon and Melon Research and Production and the lead unit of the National watermelon and melon regional experiment. Watermelon and Melon Committee of CSHS, National Melon and Watermelon Association are affiliated in our institute.

Breeding of triploid seedless watermelon in our institute was started in 1960. Wuzi No. 3 is the first variety of a triploid seedless watermelon which has productive value of our country. Our team have bred many seedless watermelon varieties, including different kind of rind and flesh. Most of them were main national cultivars. Zhengkang Wuzi No.1, Zhengkang Wuzi No.2, Zhengkang Wuzi No.3, Mimei Wuzi No.1, Golden Rose, Zhengkang Wuzi No.8,Zhengkang Wuzi 2008, Green Field was officially approved for registration by Commercial Variety Registration Authority of Nation and Province. Our research on watermelon polyploid breeding, genetic variation mechanism, resistance mechanism, the use of biotechnology and other aspects filled the research gap in our country. Over 100 papers were published in Acta Horticulturae Sinica, Journal of Fruit Science, Acta Botanica Boreali-Occidentalia Sinica Acta Horticulture, HortScience respectively. We have collaborative research relationships with the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Dr. Liu Wenge, who is scientist of National Watermelon and Melon Industry Technology Research System, leader of National Collaborative Group of Seedless Watermelon Research and Production, together with all the members of seedless watermelon research team, will create glorious future of the development of seedless watermelon of the country.


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