Watermelons Museum opens in Beijing

A museum featuring watermelons has opened recently in Beijing. As one of the worlds favorite summer fruits, different watermelon shapes, forms, paintings and even related comics are on display.

A giant melon that produces seeds. Or a regular-sized one that cools the family down in the summer heat.Or, you can try the melon brick and pile them up in your stomach.

This is a world of watermelons created by cartoonists, with the flavor of China.

Yang Quansheng, a cartoonist said, "We make full use of Chinese traditional painting skills, including watercolor and paper-cutting. Watermelons are a small subject, yet they reflect the happiness of life."

The museum has received more than 300 pieces from over 20 provinces and cities. And the best 100 have been selected and put on display.

Panggezhuang is right in the heart of Daxing Districts watermelon plantation, and has been hailed as Chinas "hometown of watermelon." However the fruit is said to have originated in Africas tropical deserts and were imported to ancient China through the silk road.

Apart from the old tales of watermelons, the museum also features aerospace breeding technology used to produce the fruit.