The 27th national watermelon and melon contest were held in Beijing on May 25, 2015

The 27th national watermelon and melon contest were held in Beijing Daxing Pang Ge Zhuang county on May 25, 2015, the purpose is to promote the production of watermelon and melon to the safety, high quality and high efficiency, scientific management and standardized production level, and enhance the market competitiveness of watermelon and melon products.

In these activities, 15 experts from the national watermelon and melon industry technology system were reviewed. And 15 public judges were first invited in a tasting and evaluation, enhance more prominent events participation and interest. The judges will consider the grouping of watermelon and muskmelon weight, sweetness and production skills, and then gives the score. From 18 areas in seven provinces and cities, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, 335 watermelon and melon in the competition is a row and row of neatly placed on the table, their appearance, weight, sugar content and other aspects of a comprehensive scoring were testing. After the first defeat, and ultimately 83.94 kilograms of giant watermelons win this year's watermelon King from the local watermelon farmer Li Fengchun. The food safety of watermelon were tested by Organizing Committee as the most important conditions and pesticide residues reached a safety indicator.