Russia 2018 watermelon season in full swing

In 2017, Russia exported more than 34,000 tons of fresh watermelons, worth $4.18 million. The main importers, which accounted for 97% of all Russias watermelon export in terms of value, were Belarus (32%), Lithuania (29%), Ukraine (21%) and Latvia (14%).

The largest importers of Russian watermelons in terms of volume were Ukraine (38%), Belarus (26%), Lithuania (22%) and Latvia (11%).

The major part of watermelons (70%) was exported by the Volgograd Region. The Rostov Region ranked second (10.7%), the Region of Astrakhan ranked third (7.7%) and Krasnodar Territory ranked fourth (7.2%).

Now the 2018 watermelon season is in full swing, according to, some growers expect record-breaking export numbers.