A New Seedless Watermelon Cultivar¡®Golden Orchid¡¯

2014-05-05 19:18:17

LIU Wen-ge£¬LU Jin-sheng£¬YAN Zhi-hong£¬ZHAO Sheng-jie£¬HE Nan£¬LU Xu-qiang£¬LIU Guo-dong£¬CHEN Zong-guang£¬and ZHANG Bao-dong Abstract£º¡®Golden Orchid¡¯is a new early-ripening triploid seedless watermelon by crossing tetraploid line 950002LY as female parent with diploid line CL as male parent. It has middle-early maturity£¬set fruit easily. The average fruit weight is about 2.4¨C3.0 kg. The fruit is roun..

Change of Endogenous Hormone Content during Watermelon Fruit

2014-04-11 17:28:29

DOU Jun-ling£¬ LIU Wen-ge£¬ ZHAO Sheng-jie£¬ LU Xu-qiang£¬ HE Nan£¬ ZHU Hong-ju£¬ GAO Lei Abstract£º Diploid watermelon ¡®Mimei¡¯ was used to to analyze the changes of hormones during fruit developing period in this research. The results showed that there was an affinitive relation between hormones content of the fruit and the fruit growth. The fruit reached its full size 25 d and 30 d after pollination. ..

Molecular Markers and Mapping of Fruit Quality Traits in Cucurbitaceae

2014-04-05 19:16:46

GAO Lei£¬ LIU Wen-ge£¬ ZHAO Sheng-jie£¬ LU Xu-qiang£¬ HE Nan£¬ ZHU Hong-ju Abstract£º More attention is paid to the quality of fruits in recent years. However£¬the expression of quality trait genes is easily affected by environments£¬increasing the difficulties of trait selection in breeding. With the application of molecular markers technology£¬marker assisted breeding has become an effective way to se..

Effect of NaCl Stress on mass fraction of Na+, K+ and Ca2+ of Different Ploidy Watermelon Seedlings

2014-03-15 19:13:28

ZHU hongju, LIU Wenge, ZHAO Shengjie, LU Xuqiang, YAN Zhihong, HE Nan, YUAN Pingli and GUAN Liying Abstract : The concentration of 100, 200, 300, 400 mmol/L NaCl solution was used to treat different homologous ploidy seedlings of HuangMei watermelon. The effects of plant growing characteristics and the mass fraction of ions were investigated in different ploidy watermelon under ..

Studies on DNA Fingerprinting and Genetic Diversity of Seedless Watermelon(Citrullus lanatus) Varieties Using Core Simple Sequence Repeat(SSR) Markers

2014-02-19 17:13:18

ZHAO Sheng-Jie ZHU Hong-Ju LU Xu-Qiang HE Nan LIU Wen-Ge Abstract In order to construct the fingerprinting of the main seedless watermelon(Citrullus lanatus) varieties to achieve fast and accurate identification and evaluate the genetic diversity, core simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were used to study the DNA fingerprinting and the genetic diversity of 54 seedless watermelon major varieti..

Progress of Functional Genomics Research in Cucurbitaceae

2013-12-03 19:15:09

ZHAO Sheng-jie£¬ LU Xu-qiang£¬ ZHU Hong-ju£¬ HE Nan£¬ LIU Wen-ge Abstract£º In recent years£¬the research of plant genomics developed rapidly and entered a new era of functional genomics. Many new technologies and methods are created constantly. Watermelon£¬melon and cucumber are important crops of Cucurbitaceae family. The functional genomics research of cucurbits started relatively late but with goo..

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