Research progress on metabolic and molecular regulation of lycopene

2013-08-13 17:10:04

DOU Jun-ling£¬ LIU Wen-ge Abstract: Lycopene£¬ widely existing in various kinds of plants£¬ is not only the main pigment of flowers and fruits of plant£¬ but also one kind of carotenoid beneficial for human health. Many intermediate materials are involved in lycopene£¬s synthesis and decomposition which is regulated by many enzyme genes and the biosynthesis of other substances in plant. At present£¬ ..

Construction of DNA Fingerprinting and Analysis of Genetic Diversity

2013-06-18 10:27:20

ZHAO Sheng-jie£¬ZHU Hong-ju£¬LU Xu-qiang£¬HE Nan£¬LIU Wen-ge Abstract: Simple sequence repeat (SS£Ò) markers were used to construct the DNA fingerprinting database and analyze the genetic diversity of 27 seedless watermelon major varieties in China£® 22 polymorphic primer pairs could amplify 58 genotypes£¬and 2. 64 genotypes were detected by each primer pair with the range from 2 to 5£® The PIC values ..

A new mini-triploid seedless watermelon variety-------Yellow Rose No.1

2012-11-16 10:21:03

Liu Wenge   Yan Zhihong  Zhao Shengjie  He Nan  Liu Guodong  Lu Jinsheng  Chen Zengguang (Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, CAAS, Zhengzhou 450009 China£¬Daxing Agricultural Science Institute, Bejing, 102600, China) Abstract: Yellow Rose No.1 is a new mimi triploid seedless watermelon by crossing tetraploid line Huanghuang as female parent with diploid line Su5 ..

Comparison of intracellular lycopene distribution in different ploidy watermelon

2012-11-13 15:18:56

Peng Liu, Wenge Liu*, Shengjie Zhao, Zhihong Yan, Nan He Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute CAAS , Zhengzhou , Henan 450009, P. R. China Stephen R. King Vegetable & Fruit Improvement Center Department of Horticultural Sciences Texas A&M University , College Station , Texas 77843 , USA   ABSTRACT: Lycopene plays a number..

Studies on fingerprinting of seedless triploid watermelon cultivars and hybrid purity identification by SRAP markers

2012-10-12 15:59:23

¡¾Author¡¿ ZHAO Sheng-jie,LIU Wen-ge,YAN Zhi-hong,HE Nan(Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute,CAAS,Zhengzhou,Henan 450009 China) ¡¾Abstract¡¿ SRAP(Sequence-Related Amplified Polymorphism) marker was applied to analysis DNA fingerprinting of 9 triploid seedless watermelon cultivars and identify hybrid purity.The results showed that 24 primer pairs selected from 30 amplified 109 polymorphic bands with an ..

EST-SSR Marker Development and Application in Cucurbitaceae

2012-09-19 16:43:08

¡¾Author¡¿ Zhao Shengjie Liu Wenge Yan Zhihong He Nan Lu Xuqiang(Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute,CAAS,Zhengzhou 450009) ¡¾Abstract¡¿ Comparing to genomic-derived SSRs(gSSR),EST-derived SSRs(EST-SSR)have several advantages,such as inexpensive development,high transferability.Furthermore,EST-SSR originates from gene coding region and can be as direct marker of functional-gene.Growing attention was pa..

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