lycopene synthesis and gene expression analysis of polyploid watermelon fruit

2012-11-13 14:10:34

Using Homozygous diploid watermelon, artificially-induced tetraploid and their triploid hybrids as the materials, the key intermediate substances during watermelon fruit lycopene synthesis and metabolism will be studied and the key enzyme genes( GGPS, PSY, PDS, ZDS, LCYb and LCYe ) transcription the enzyme activity and protein content will be   also investigated to analysis the correlatio..

Watermelon breeding for urban cultivation and extension

2012-10-13 14:19:24

It will be bred of higher citrulline, higher lycopene watermelon varieties, it has a better taste, longer fruiting period on the basis of maintaining, suitable for the cultivation of long shelves and good storability...