Green Field

2009-12-10 18:37:02

Its interior qualities are rated very high for dark red flesh color, a very sweet and crisp flesh. Mid-maturity and good resistance to disease and humidity. The fruit is short oval with green netted rind. Average fruit weigh is 3-4 kg. The soluble solids content in center is more than 13%. It has higher lycopene contents...

Star Shower

2009-12-10 18:30:27

The fruit has globe shaped with narrow intermittent dark stripes, look pretty strange. It has middle maturity, set fruit easily, The average fruit is about 7.0 kg. The yield per 667m2 is above 4,000 kg in open field. Flesh is bright red with small seed traces, fine texture, crisp and sweet. Its sugar content is over 12.0%. It is unique in market for size, shape and rind pattern and for long distan..

Red Lycopene NO.2

2009-12-10 18:24:51

A leading seedless watermelon variety with higher lycopene content. Globe fruit with dark green stripes on green skin. Flesh is high quality bright red, high brix content (>13%). Excellent fruit setting. Mid-maturity and suitable for cultivation all over the country...

Golden Orchid

2009-12-10 16:25:51

Golden Orchid is a standout seedless watermelon variety! The variety is crisp with deep yellow flesh, sweet and flavorable. Golden Orchid has shown less tendency to hollow heart than other yellow flesh varieties. It will give you more harvestable fruit...

Red Baby

2009-12-10 16:24:10

Red Baby is a mini seedless watermelon with excellent flavor, thin and firm rind. Average fruit is about 2-3kg. It has deep red flesh with high lycopene and high sugar content. It's glossy black rind and compact size will creat a sensation in seedless watermelon market. Red Baby is suitable for cultivation in all the country...

Yellow Rose

2009-12-10 16:17:56

Will you want to choose a seedless watermelon variety as gift? Yellow Rose is OK! It's glossy golden yellow rind, lemon yellow flesh, crisp and good flavor, medium & small-size global shape. It will be a strong attraction in the market. It is disease-resistence and stress in hard condition. It has adaptability and can be grown in most areas, much better especially in the greenhouse. ..